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Green Shields Energy is an innovative energy company committed to developing renewable energy projects and technologies, reducing GHG emissions and fossil fuel consumption in North America and around the world

Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals have decades of combined experience in product development, manufacturing, logistics, renewable energy, emerging technologies, project finance, project development, real estate, construction and project management 

A PartnerYou Can Trust

At Green Shields Energy we are constantly seeking new project and partner opportunities. If you are in need of a strong partner that you can trust to accomplish your sustainability goals on time and under budget you need to call us first. We have the experience and solutions you can take to the bank.

If you are facing some difficult and challenging energy reduction goals, or you don't think your facility is suitable for energy upgrades or a project that no one else can tackle or just want a reliable world class partner you can trust to get the job done right, you can count on us to improve your bottom line and meet your sustainability goals. 

No project or facility is too big, too small or too challenging we want to hear from you and we want to innovate with you

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Because we partner with only the best technology and strategic partners from around the world we can provide some of the best guarantees and warranties available.Your satisfaction is our top priority.

If you want or need performance guarantees, strong manufacturer warranties or projects that will stand the test of time we have products and technologies with design lives of up to 50 years.

Our satisfaction is your satisfaction and thats guaranteed!

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For estimates, quotes, proposals or just to inquire please give us a call. 

We really do want to hear from you. We love talking renewables.




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